Purchase and Sell Bitcoin Locally.

On Demand, At your Fingertips.

Its easy: Just Register, Scan the address QR code from your favorite wallet, and insert cash.

Crypto Currency for Everyone!

Buying is quick and easy. With multiple locations, and more coming soon, customers can buy and sell cryptocurrency at one of our convenient ATM machines without having to worry about fraud or scams often found online, or with risky p2p transactions. All transactions follow strict KYC and AML regulations to ensure all transactions are safe, secure, and legal.

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How it Works


Scan you wallet QR Code


Insert Cash and Receive Bitcoin

What To Bring?

A Valid Picture ID

A form of personal picture ID (driver’s license ideally. A passport or some other government issued ID with your picture will work as well)

Cell Phone with a mobile wallet or address QR picture

A cell phone. (to register with the ATM) with a mobile wallet app. Blockchain or Jaxx or Mycelium are a few good ones. These can be freely downloaded from your Apple app store or Google play. You can also bring a simple paper wallet with a QR code.


Cash. Due to the nature of Bitcoin (no chargebacks possible) our ATMs only accept cash as payment option.



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